Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Extraction Of Glutathione In Ion Exchange Method

Glutathione is tripeptide compounds. It is widely distributed in animals, plants, and oil seeds. One of its functions in the cell is to withstand a variety of toxins and carcinogenic agents. Research has shown that: glutathione can be completely absorbed in the small intestine and some epithelial cells can use exogenous glutathione to remove toxins. It indicates that dietary glutathione determines the degree of cell damage in human body.

In addition to being anti-agents and glutathione of some sulfhydryl enzyme activation can be used as the protection of enzymes and other protein thiol antioxidant, may play a role in the process of biological oxidation, amino acid transport, protection of hemoglobin. In addition, glutathione also inhibits aging, bran urine disease and eliminates fatigue and other effects. Recent studies have also found that glutathione has a role in suppressing AIDS. Therefore, the study of glutathione on human health and life of great significance. GSH in the early preparation methods are based on the extraction method, solvent extraction method prepared GSH can be water, organic acid solution and dilute alcohol, but the extraction yield is low, and cause serious environmental pollution. Study of reduced glutathione and other isoelectric point of 5.93, when the solution pH adjusted to less than 5.93, can make use of reduced glutathione with a positive charge with 732 cation exchange resin to be exchanged The principle, the choice of the extraction process and conditions, separation and purification of glutathione.

732 containing glutathione extract was adjusted to pH 3.0 regeneration of the cation exchange column adsorption, and distilled water wash column to neutral 0.25N NaOH solution elution, the eluate (elution end point nitroso hexacyanoferrate sodium detection), and concentration, vacuum drying, and finally it gets the sample.

Elution velocity not only affects the yield of reduced glutathione, and will affect the volume of the eluent, flow rate is too slow, long elution time, equipment utilization is low; elution rate is too fast, but also Low reduced glutathione elution, eluent volume, concentration of high energy consumption. Different elution flow rate on the impact of reduced glutathione yield results Low flow rates, but also of reduced glutathione recovery rate is slightly higher, but the slow-eluting and reduced glutathione recovery rate of 30 mL / min was also higher, when the recovery rate of 40mL/min reduced, so we choose the eluted speed of 30 mL / min.

Elution of the different NaOH concentration, reduced glutathione recovery varies. Elution concentration of NaOH as 0.25 m, the elution rate, while not the highest, but less with other high-concentration, the higher the concentration of NaOH, the eluent NaOH content and the hybrid ion content increase product quality.

Extracted pharmaceutical raw materials glutathione from yeast extracts, by ion exchange, the eluent is neutralized to pH 6.5, then in concentrated under vacuum, crude product of reduced glutathione is got. By methods ion exchange to extract reduced glutathione and in the optimum extraction conditions, the reduced glutathiones average recovery is 53.06%. There are many impurities in the products with poor product quality. The product purity can be further improved.



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